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  • 1) What city are you based in?
    My home base is Kansas City, Missouri but I do tour often. To find out where I am at the moment please refer to my calendar.
  • 2) Where is your incall located?
    My incall is located on the East side of Kansas City. Minutes away from the stadiums in an upscale, safe and discrete location.
  • 3) My city is not listed on your tour schedule. Will you ever visit my city?
    If your city or area is not listed on my tour schedule please sign up for my mailing list with your city, that lets me know that you would like to see me visit your city. Once I start to receive more inquiries I will look into a trip.
  • 4) What hours are you usually available?
    Kansas City, Missouri: 10am - 8pm Tour: 10am - 10pm *A Deposit is required to hold & secure a meeting outside of these hours in KC. *While on tour deposits are required to hold and secure your date & time.
  • 5) Is there a cancellation fee?
    Yes. If you cancel more than 12 hours AFTER I have confirmed our meeting time, I require a 50% cancellation fee for the cancellation of that meeting. - If you cancel less than 48 hours before our meeting you will be charged 100% of the fee for the time you booked. - If you cancel our meeting on the same day of our meeting you will be charged 100% of the fee for the time that you booked. - While on tour, If you book and cancel while I am in your city you will be charged 100% of the fee for the time you booked.
  • 6) Are deposits required to secure a meeting with you?
    If I screen you as a newbie you must pay a deposit in order for me to hold and secure your meeting time. Your deposit amount is YMMV. If you would like to book a meeting outside of my normal hours you must pay a deposit. No meeting with a newbie is secure w/o a deposit. Note: If you have ever canceled, shown up late or have a history of being flakey you may be required to pay the full fee upfront!
  • 7) Do you have any specials right now?
    Please refer to my Rates page for that information.
  • 8) What forms of payment do you accept?
    I mainly accept cash. *Cashapp and *Venmo are accepted as well! *Restrictions Apply!! (If you would like to pay for your entire meeting with Cashapp or Venmo at the time of booking please include +25 for paying through an app. This option is only available if we have made prior arrangements and you mention this at the time of booking. If we did not discuss these payment options please bring the donation in the form of cash. If you show up to a meeting with me attempting to pay your donation with one of these apps without discussing it with me first you will be charged +100 on top of my rate for an inconvenience fee.
  • 9) How can I follow you on social media?
    Twitter: @e_alexandra816 Instagram: @ellie.alexandra PREMIUM SNAPCHAT: Switter: Facebook: Ellie Alexandra Onlyfans:
  • 10) How long does it take to get screened and verified by you?
    If you provide me with references the time that it would take me to screen you would depend on how quickly you provide me with the proper information. It also depends on how fast your references respond to me. I do encourage you to get screened as soon as possible. If you're a newbie (no references, old or outdated references) I can have you screened & verified within 30 minutes as long as you're willing to provide personal information. NOTE: Most times I am screening and booking for 15 cities all at once. Tour dates that are closer take priority over others. Please be patient during the screening process and allow me to get back to you. Sending several messages will not result in me screening you any faster. If you contact me while I am on tour in your city looking to book a meeting, I will not accept your references. It does not matter who they are or when you met with them. You MUST fill out my newbie screening form. I don't have the time to reach out and wait for your references to respond to a reference request from me while I am on tour. My newbie screening process takes 15 - 30 minutes to get verified (2 emails max). The only way I will accept references while on tour in your town is if you have a P411 account with updated references from reputable providers!
  • 11) I have over 50 Okays on P411. I am Whitelisted on several sites. I have written over 25 reviews. I have premium access. I am a Donor. Do I still have to be screened?
    Yes, you still have to be screened! Although, having Ok's and writing reviews are great and makes it easier for me to screen you, You would still have to go through my screening process. A lot of guys complain about my screening process but I screen the way I do for my safety, comfort level and for your safety as well. If you have a problem with being screened I am not the provider for you.
  • 12) I do not have any references. Can we still meet?
    Yes, we can still meet! I AM NEWBIE FRIENDLY!! If your references are outdated or you are a newbie I can screen you with your RW info + Work Verification. If you have any reservations about providing me with peronal information we are not compatible. No info = No Meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!! Newbies please fill out the screening form by clicking HERE.
  • 13) Are you reference friendly?
    Yes I am! After we have met, you are able to use me as a reference for 6 (six) months ONLY! I WILL NOT PROVIDE A REFERENCE AFTER SIX MONTHS! If more than 6 months goes by without a meeting, you must be REverified if you would like to meet again. If you cancel or NCNS a meeting with me I will not provide a reference for you.
  • 14) Are you available on short notice and do you have same day availability?
    Yes I am available on short notice and more times than not I have same day availability. Short notice and same day availability are for gentleman that I have seen before and/or gentleman that I have already screened and verified. I encourage anyone who wants to meet with me on the same day or on short notice to get screened and verified now so that you are able to see me on short notice or the same day.
  • 15) What are some of the things that will land me on your blacklist?
    Rudeness, Negative post that you make on the boards towards me or any other provider, Dangerous blacklist reports, Asking me for BBFS, No Call No Show, Explicit talk through PM, Email, Text or Phone Calls, Bad Hygiene, Sending Unsolicited Pictures, Price Haggling, Showing up to a meeting with me under the influence of drugs or alcohol, lying during the screening process, Not respecting my time or my rules, Asking for specific services and etc...
  • 16) I sent you a PM, email and text. No response?
    More than likely you committed one of the offenses that I stated in the previous question.
  • 17) What services do you NOT offer?
    No Greek, BBFS, COF, DFK, CIM, FIV, FIA, Stripper Slide.
  • 18) Do you allow photos and videos during sessions?
    No, but you can subscribe to my premium snapchat at to see XXX photos. If you would like to see more of me up close and personal, please subscribe to my Onlyfans at
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