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Here are a few very important things to read over before contacting me. Keep these things in mind so that we are able to concentrate on having fun and enjoying one another's company once we meet.

Please don't mention or hint at anything graphic or too specific about a meeting with me through email, text, private messaging or by phone. Please be advised that all communications will cease and you will be placed on my DNS list for vulgar/disrespectful language if this happens.


Please be a gentleman by not attempting to negotiate with me about my donation as I find this insolent. I strongly suggest that you get screened and verified with me at your earliest convenience. My screening can take up to 24 hours so pre-booking is highly recommended, especially while I am on tour. I want to be able meet with you at the time that you are partial to.


If you are seeking an appointment with me for the first time please fill out my screening form. Once you are screened, verified and we have set a meeting, I will contact you an hour prior to our meeting time to confirm. Please respond back within 30 minutes to keep our scheduled appointment time.


I am committed to fitness, working out, living a clean and healthy lifestyle. This means that I do not partake in any type of illegal drugs and I do not drink or smoke. If you would like to bring me a beverage water would be great. If you are, or I suspect you are under the influence of anything, I will respectfully ask you to leave my incall. If I am on an outcall to you I will politely excuse myself from your place immediately.

I will always respect your time. I will keep our appointment time, show up on time, fresh and ready to spend time with you and I expect you to be on time, shaved and fresh. Please be a gentleman, lay the desired pre-counted gift down in plain site immediately upon arrival on the table or counter and I will collect it discretely before we start our meeting. If we are meeting in a public place, for discretion purposes, please present the gift to me in a small bag or envelope. Please do not hand me the donation, as it ruins the mood.

​I will always brief you on my Do's and Don'ts before our meeting starts. As long as you respect my safety rules our meeting will continue. If you violate my rules in anyway, I will immediately have to cancel our meeting and that is something that I would not want to do. So please respect the few rules that I do have. I promise you won't regret that you did.

I will always be dressed for the occasion and freshly showered and I ultimately expect the same thing from you. If we are scheduled for an afternoon meeting, a morning shower is simply not enough. I will be more than happy to wait a few minutes for you to shower or freshen up a bit. Please wash your hands and help yourself to a mint or some mouthwash, even if you think you may not need it. I will do the same.

Someone who is not well groomed or someone who does not have good hygiene will turn me off. I am very much so attracted to gentlemen who are clean, neat and have great hygiene.


Time with me will never be robotic! Please come with a positive attitude and leave all of your worries, stress and any other RW negativity at the door. If you treat me with the same respect that I treat you with we both will get much more out of our time together.


Please be conscious and respectful of my time and allow me to easily leave when our meeting is over. While in our meeting, if you would like to spend more time with me please let me know at any time. If I have the time I would be more than happy to grant your request. Once you provide me with the rest of the donation for the designated time we can get back to enjoying one another's company.


Now that all of that is out of the way, imagine the possibilities of endless gratifying fun that we could have together! I'm ready whenever you are.

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